Tinnitus is a condition where noises such as buzzing and rining sounds are perceived even when these external sounds are non-existent. At best, the noises are a bearable irritation. However, in severe cases it can be a crippling aggravation. It isn’t uncommon either, with at least one out of five individuals being affected by it. Most studies indicate it as a symptom for an underlying too. Fortunately, a supplement called Silence Complete has been developed and claims to be able to get rid of this ailment.


Silence Complete works to remedy Tinnitus not by treating it, but by targeting the point of origin for this symptom which is usually located in the brain. With this more pragmatic approach, the symptoms can be dealt with in far greater effectivity and efficiency than other methods that would merely treat the indication of the cause rather than the root of the actual problem. But eliminating Tinnitus isn’t the only result that it yields.

Affected areas of the cause may potentially be hosts for a whole heap of other issues. Since the supplement attacks the source of the problem, it not only rids the individual of the effect of Tinnitus but also helps prevent the development of chronic diseases not unlike Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

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Information and Claims of Silence Complete

Unlike other supplements developed by established pharmaceutical companies, the inception and eventual creation of Silence Complete came from an individual named Lloyd Greenfield who at the time had been suffering from a near crippling form of Tinnitus. In fact, based on his website it was so bad that he had at one point actually considered taking his life as the condition was becoming increasingly unbearable and too much to handle.

His journey towards better health eventually led him to one Dr. Steven Campbell, and the two eventually formed a bond built from the same desire to come up with a solution for Tinnitus. After what can only be assumed was a tremendous amount of time and effort invested in the project, Silence Complete came to fruition as a supplement claims rid an individual of this terrible condition completely by serving as a remedy for the original cause.

How does it work & Ingredients List

Silence Complete isn’t a method of treatment to minimize the effects of Tinnitus or make it bearable for an individual who may be suffering from it. Rather, it is an oral supplement formulated using a variety of different but natural ingredients into pill form that when in ingested regularly can grant a person relief from Tinnitus by targeting and attacking the underlying problem or the root cause for the symptom. As simple as it may be, it is certainly powerful enough to alleviate the perpetual and unwanted noises.

The fact that the condition can also affect deaf individuals that no ear aids can ever remedy speaks volumes about how important it is to find the source of the problem and treat it accordingly, and this is what Silence Complete aims to do. Listed below are the ingredients that it uses to help achieve its intended results.

  • A combination of hawthorne berries and hibiscus. Specific types of these two kinds of flora can have a calming effect towards the nerves of the brain, and the Silence Complete supplment utilizes these two elements to great effect.
  • Extract from olive leaves. Due to their remarkable qualities in promoting health and the impact that it has on strengthening the pathways of the nerves within the brain, olive leaves continue to rise in popularity all over the world and is put to good use by Silence Complete.
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin. A vitamin that is know to significantly improve our brains by repairing the accumulated damage to its nerves.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12. These vitamins serve to further enhance and suppot the nerves.
  • Vitamin C. One of the most commonly known and popular vitamins, it’s earned its reputation of having a multitude of properties with antioxidants.
  • Garlic extracts. Well-known for its memory-improving and focus-enhancing properties, garlic extract is invaluable in keeping brain-deteriorating diseases such as dementia at bay.
  • Bachu leaf extracts. Similar to the abovementioned olive leaves extract, it also helps strengthen the necessary brain nerve pathways.
  • Green tea, juniper berries and uvaursi. These ingredients not only clear the brain of toxines but they also contribute greatly in Enhancing and improving the construction of neurological pathways.

Is Silence Complete a Scam? Does it really work?

Based on a number of reviews, many people have seen some success after the use of the Silence Complete supplement and appears to be a legitimate solution to ailments concerning Tinnitus. With similar supplements lacking in the same kind of effectivity and unable to deliver the desired and intended results, it would not be surprising if Silence Complete becomes the go-to supplement for matters such as these.

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  • May eliminate Tinnitus completely and improve hearing.
  • Apart from being a potential remedy for Tinnitus, Silence Complete complete may also enhance focus, sharpen memory and elicit much more positive sleep patterns and behavior.
  • Silence Complete may reduce the risks of developing brain-deterioration disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • May improve quality of life, both physical and social.


  • Timeframe for the results may vary, although the manufacturer claims that it offers relief within a short period of time.


How do I use it?

Based on the manufacturer, the proper dosage for Silence Complete is two ingest two pills per day. More information regarding is instructions can be found on the bottle itself.

Any precautions?

Follow the general rule of thumb of consulting a health expert first before using the supplement.

How much time to see improvement?

No exact timeframe is listed on when to expect improvements however but there are claims that it should be relatively quick with results usually appearing in two to three weeks time.

Any possible side effects?

Silence Complete is claimed by the manufacturer to be made from purely natural ingredients, and no side-effects are listed but it’s good common practice to learn as much abouts what it contains just to prevente adverse reactions.

Silence Complete Price + Where to buy?

Based on the manufacturer’s website at https://thesilencecomplete.org/, the price per bottle comes to $69. They do however come at standard and premium packages with three bottles for $59 and six bottle for $177. Silence Complete is still not available from third-party vendors such as Amazon and Walmart but they do their products ship across all of the United States.

Silence Complete Final Decision

Our ears are a lot more important some people may give it credit for as it not only allows us to hear, but maintains the balance of our equilibrium too. Their close proximity towards the brain can also make them particularly sensitive too, case in point being symptoms like Tinnitus. While it may be more common as a minor irritation, it can easily progress to severe discomfort and pain if the main problem at hand is left unchecked.

To this end, Silence Complete claims to be a clinically-tested, all-natural remedy for Tinnitus. More importantly, it claims to offer fast and immediate relief as an oral supplement. It may even potentially serve as a preventative measure for more severe brain-related conditions from manifesting too. With very few similar supplements available, it’s definitely worth a shot to take. But always be sure to check with a medical professional first before doing so just to be on the safe side.