My name is John Wedge. I graduated with a business degree in UPenn (University of Pennsylvania), took my MA in Sociology over at Stanford University, and my MS/MBA over at Dartmouth College. The psyche of the consumer has always interested me. Growing up, I always found myself watching people in malls or groceries and see what steps they would take in deciding whether they would buy one product or the other.

I also loved watching people watching advertisements or billboards or promos. I wanted to be able to slowly develop my skills, understanding, and adaptability in understanding this entire process and see the science behind getting someone to buy a certain product and the science behind these same customers not wanting to buy the product.

In the 90’s, I was working as a consultant for an international FMCG company dealing with detergents, body care, and hair care. I enjoyed what I was doing and understood that work with this company gave me the opportunity to bring joy and a better quality of life for families all over the world. Along with a couple of amazing teams, we were able to spearhead multiple campaigns that gained traction great traction online and converted to all-time high sales numbers.

I had already proven myself in the company but I wanted to be able to affect more change in our society and the world. In 2001, I met a young, ambitious man named Luther Mitchell who wanted to start a pharmaceutical company that provided medicine at a more than affordable rate in 3rd world countries. That’s when I knew that I needed to help this dreamer.

In 2003, Luther launched his company, Avol, with Silence Complete, a product to help everyone all over the world with their tinnitus condition. Since then, I have been working closely with Luther’s team and have been offering advice to make sure they ease themselves into the industry properly.