Best Tinnitus Treatment 2018

Tinnitus is ringing in the ears. A person who experiences it hears persistent buzzing, clicking, roaring or hissing sound. It can be chronic or temporary, and could be a sign of something more serious. Common causes include prolonged exposure to noise, neck or head injury and ear infections. Since the persistent noise is annoying, for some, it can lead to difficulty in concentration, insomnia, anxiety or even depression.

It is said that around 50 million American people has some form of tinnitus. Commonly, it is due to damage of inner ear. The symptoms are often treated to reduce the noise, but treatment may involve identifying its underlying cause. Sound therapy, retraining therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are among the interventions used to counter tinnitus. Recent studies have shown that there are products made of special ingredients that can totally eliminate tinnitus, which was reported to have something to do with a problem in the brain.

Our Top Picks for Tinnitus

After careful research and analysis, we have come up with a list of the best products that fight tinnitus. To help you pick the right one for your need, we have listed and reviewed these products for you to know their claims and uses. They were carefully selected based on effectiveness, clinical basis, affordability and ease of use.

Silence Complete by Lloyd Greenfield

Silence Complete by Lloyd Greenfield is an oral supplement that aims for you to experience complete silence and combat tinnitus. The makers found out that tinnitus is related to the brain, and formulated a solution that does not just treat the ringing in the ears but also boost memory and protect against memory disorders.

The supplement is made of natural ingredients carefully picked and combined to come up with a quality product. These include hibiscus, hawthorne berry, olive leaves extract, niacin, vitamins B12 and B6, vitamin C, garlic extract, bachu leaves extract and juniper berry, green tea and uva ursi. It can be taken twice a day and you can already see its results. Each bottle of 60 costs $69, but you can buy them for $59 each if you buy three bottles at once.

Quiet Mind Plus

Quiet Mind Plus is another supplement that aims to improve brain functioning apart from getting rid of tinnitus. As an over the counter drug, you can buy it without any prescription. For only $69 per bottle, you can have an improved memory, better sleep and complete silence away from tinnitus.

The three main ingredients found in Quiet Mind Plus are hibiscus, hawthorne berry and olive leaves. They all have properties that help soothe the mind, strengthen nerve cells and fight ear infection.

Silencis Pro

Silencis Pro is another supplement that promises to treat tinnitus and prevents its other rippling effects. Its effectiveness and value is a product of hard work and research. with it, patients will stop suffering from tinnitus and enjoy a happy, productive life. It is made of safe, natural ingredients that fight the persistent problem.

Silencis Pro has B-vitamins that nourish the brain. It has phytonutrients that make B-vitamins do their job. It has antioxidants that boost energy, improve cognition and strengthen brain cells. It is safe for use by anyone who wants to have better mind apart from recovering from tinnitus. The company offers money back guarantee if you find it ineffective, which only shows how confident they are of their product.

Tinnitus 911 by PhytAge Labs 

Tinnitus 911 comes to your rescue if you are experiencing tinnitus. It is an all-natural supplement that Phytage Laboratories came up with as a solution to improve the quality of life of tinnitus sufferers. After careful research, they found out that tinnitus is caused by a problem in the brain networks. The brain cells are starting to disconnect that it even leads to memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Tinnitus 911 works in three stages. First, it calms down the persistent noise then it strengthens the brain networks and finally, it repairs damaged cells that make memory stronger. This is such an incredible solution that not only stops tinnitus but also improves brain functioning. It can be taken once a day for 30 days for total recovery. It costs $69.95 per bottle.

Ear Clear Plus by Alliance Health

Unlike the first three products, Ear Clear Plus is a supplement to be taken daily. As the name implies, it is a protocol, a complete program that aims to shed light on the problem of tinnitus and how to totally get rid of it. It offers a holistic approach to put an end to tinnitus.

It is composed of two modules. The first one highlights the benefits of what it calls Neuromonics therapy that combines sound waves and stimulus to relax a person and fight tinnitus. The second one is a guide to special hearing exercises that improve the functioning of the brain. These improve concentration, and improve hearing capacity. With this protocol, you will learn about sound therapy that will first act on the ringing in your ears and eventually improve your brain’s performance. It is not a book, but a downloadable program.

Lipo Flavonoid

Lipo Flavonoid is a natural bioflavonoid, or a group of fungus and plant that serve as vitamins or commonly to enhance vitamin C. It treats Meniere’s syndrome and tinnitus and has been in the market for more than 50 years. It is well recommended by ENTs because the main ingredients found here were long been used to treat tinnitus

This FDA-approved supplement is manufactured using high quality ingredients. It contains Tisina complex, a special blend of powerful ingredients that were clinically tested to treat tinnitus. Other ingredients include lemon citrus bioflavonoid, vitamin C, B-vitamins, niacin, calcium pantothenate, inositol and choline bitartrate. It is available in a supplement that is best taken at night to help users fall asleep faster and longer.

Ring Ease by Life Now Naturals

The last product on the list is Ring Ease by Life Now Naturals. It is a supplement made of natural ingredients that aim to put a stop to tinnitus. It soothes hearing and makes it free from any annoying noise, but more importantly, it also helps in the brain’s overall functioning.

Ring Ease is composed of natural active ingredients such as ginkgo biloba and garlic that improves blood circulation, zinc that is said to reduce the ringing sound. These components also help fight dizziness and vertigo, which are common among those who have tinnitus. The price is the same as the other supplements in this review, $69 per bottle of 60. It is best to be taken twice a day.