Ear Clear Plus Review (Alliance Health) UPDATE – Read First! [Scam?]

Ear Clear Plus – Everything You Need to Know

While Tinnitus isn’t exactly an uncommon condition, it’s a problem that can increasingly affect the quality of life of those who suffer from it. After all, being constantly be exposed to buzzing and ringing noise imperceptible to others can be more than just a minor irritation, and in more severe cases it can make it almost impossible to function normally.

The good news is that a company called Alliance Health has developed a product called Ear Clear Plus which they claim can supposedly alleviate the undesirable effects of Tinnitus. And on this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know before you invest on the supplement.

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How does Ear Clear Plus Treat Tinnitus?

One of the reasons why Tinnitus is rarely treated properly is because of the common misconception that its treatment will alleviate the phantom noises that it presents. Contrary to popular belief, however, Tinnitus is only the effect of a more serious underlying problem and not the main cause of the issue.

Unlike other alternative medications, Ear Clear Plus works by treating the source of the problem instead of alleviating the aggravating noises that come with Tinnitus. In this way, not only can it provide relief from the condition but the results that its manufacturers claim to produce will undoubtedly last a lot longer too.

What Company Manufacturer Ear Clear Plus?

Based on the website, the Ear Clear Plus supplement appears to have been developed and manufactured by a company called Alliance Health. While very little information about the organization is presented on the aforementioned website, they provide a risk-free approach for individuals who are willing to try out their products by offering a money back guarantee for 180 days.

What is Ear Clear Plus?

At its core, Ear Clear Plus is a supplement that serves as a remedy to Tinnitus not only through the treatment of the symptoms that it presents but rather by targeting the point of origin or root cause of the condition. With this approach of going for the source of the problem, it is better able to alleviate Tinnitus more than alternatives that merely treat its effects.

However, this is not only advantage that Ear Clear Plus can yield. Since the areas affected by Tinnitus can also be a host to a sheer number of other conditions and neuro-degenerative diseases, the use of this supplement can potentially mitigate their existence and prevent their unwanted development completely.

An Overview of Ingredients for Ear Clear Plus

As is the case with any medicinal product, it’s always a general rule of thumb to thoroughly check the ingredients. In the video uploaded on the official website of Ear Clear Plus you will find not only the story behind the supplement’s inception but also the natural homeopathic ingredients used in its formulation to reach the desired results.

  • Hibiscus and Hawthorn Berries: These two ingredients work in tandem and reduce the noises by repairing damaged brain networks as well help cool down our nervous systems and mitigating anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Olive Leaves: While primarily known for having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, its properties can also strengthen neural networks too while adding an extra layer of protections towards ear infections and strokes.
  • Niacin: More commonly referred to as Vitamin B3, Niacin has amazing properties that provides a means to repair even years of deterioration of the brain based on studies that have been conducted in the journal of neurology.
  • Garlic: Apart from promoting heart health, garlic can also give our memory a boost and help minimise any memory losses due to age.
  • Buchu leaves, Vitamin B12 and B6: These ingredients enhance and stimulate cell rejuvenation, acting a sort of steriod for our brains.
  • Green Tea: Allows our neural conncetions to be multiplied.
  • Juniper berries and Uva Ursi: Helps clear us of harmful and unwanted toxins.
  • Vitamin C: Helps keep our immune system in good condition and serve as a shield against Tinnitus.

Another factor well worth noting considering is that the listed ingredients manufactured for use with Ear Clear Plus are supposedly claimed only from the most certified suppliers and verified producers and have been exhaustively tested. This makes the product not only more effective but also safer to use as a result.

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What are the Advantages of Using Ear Clear Plus?

Despite being primarily meant to alleviate Tinnitus, Ear Clear Plus boasts a number of other advantages to our mental health. Based on the homeopathic and natural ingredients utilized by the manufacturer in the formulation of the product, Ear Clear Plus is not only relatively safe to use but it can potentially minimize, if not mitigate, the chances of developing neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease while being relatively safe .


While no clear disadvantages are listed with the use of Ear Clear Plus, the intended results of the product can vary in length and degree.

Possible Side-Effects

No side-effects are currently listed in the manufacturer’s website for Ear Clear Plus. However, it’s also always good standard practice to err on the side of caution and consult with a medical professional first before using the supplement to avoid any problems.

Ear Clear Plus Common Users Questions

  1. What are the precautionary measures to be taken with Ear Clear Plus?
  • It is important to keep Ear Clear Plus out of reach of children and not to take the product if its seal is either broken or missing. For best possible results, be sure to take Ear Clear Plus as instructed on the bottle.
  1. Is there any way to contact the manufacturer or supplier for Ear Clear Plus?
  • Yes, there is. You can contact Alliance Health either through their hotline at 855-480-5044 or through email at [email protected]
  1. When should I start expecting to see results?
  • Some have seen immediate results in the first couple of days while others have had to wait a little longer. However, it is important to take Ear Clear Plus as instructed regularly and be patient in order to get the desired results.
  1. How much does the supplement cost?
  • Ear Clear Plus comes in three different packages: the standard one includes three bottles at $59 per bottle, the basic which is $69 for one bottle, and the premium that has six bottles that cost $49 each bottle.
  1. Where can I purchase Ear Clear Plus? Is it available in popular stores like Walmart or Amazon?
  • Currently, Ear Clear Plus is only available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website at https://tinnitustrick.com/vsl/DiscountOfferHearing/. However, it may become available at other stores so please visit their website regularly for future updates.

Ear Clear Plus – Should You Get It?

Ear Clear Plus by Alliance Health is a supplement that aims to remedy Tinnitus condition as well as promote other aspects of our physical and mental health in the process. While the results may vary depending on the person, it has had a great deal of success for many which makes it a product that is well worth trying if all else fails.

Before you start investing towards Ear Clear Plus or any other medicinal product however, it is crucial to always practice good judgement and put in the time to check with a medical specialist first. In this way, you are not only far more likely to get better results but also avoid encountering any issues in the process too.

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