Ring Ease Review – Could it be the Cure for your Tinnitus?

A lot of supplemental products lately are claiming to be a miracle remedy for fighting Tinnitus. Ring Ease is one example. This said to be Anti-Tinnitus product seems to be promising, giving a glimmer of hope for the Tinnitus sufferers out there. But how do you know if this really works, without having to pour money down the drain for a betwixt and between chance?

Well, this equitable Ring Ease Review is your answer as we are going to fully investigate the controversy behind this one product; whether it could be the solution to your Tinnitus problems or if it’s just another snake oil product you don’t want to waste your money on.

Ring Ease by Life Now Naturals summary

First let’s go down to the main essence of this product and what it is really made of. Ring Ease is an all in one herbal formulation in the form of a supplement being manufactured by the Life Now Naturals Company. It is formulated with essential substances that help reverse the damage brought by Tinnitus and relieves the symptoms that come with it.

The secret to its healing power all comes down to the combination of powerful medical components used to create it. Let me explain to you one by one how each of these scientifically studied substances help to aid with Tinnitus

Here are the following major natural, active ingredients used in the product:


Zinc supplementation is a commonly used natural treatment for Tinnitus as zinc deficiency is somewhat interrelated in most cases of Tinnitus. This is because our inner ear has the highest concentration of zinc within our body and needs sufficient amount of this substance in order to function well. According to a study, patients with Tinnitus had lower blood zinc levels and supplementing zinc into their diet was proven to be helpful in significantly reducing the symptoms of Tinnitus.


Clinical evidences of garlic being effective in reducing Tinnitus and hearing loss have been established. It is due to Garlic’s antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial useful to fight infections such as ear infection in Tinnitus. Garlic is also an anticoagulant having a blood thinning property, helpful in promoting good blood circulation and relieves Tinnitus commonly caused by poor blood flow.

Gingko biloba

This plant is known to be a natural remedy for Tinnitus. It has rich antioxidant properties and compounds like flavonoids that help improve the health of the inner ear by promoting increased blood flow through the micro capillaries. It is also an effective anticoagulant like garlic that reduces the stickiness of the blood.

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The science of how it works

Tinnitus more or less being an ear infection has something to do with inflammation in our nerve cells. Ring Ease works to aid this problem at a cellular level by repairing the nerve damage Tinnitus has caused within the ears and also in our brain. The components that this supplement is made of are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation, preventing free radicals from inhibiting and causing too damage to cells.

It is composed of the Vitamin B-12 that most of Tinnitus patients are deficient of, which helps in the nerve-repair process while nourishing the myelin sheath encasing the nerves. Symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and sleep irregularity are also relieved as it increases the production of Melatonin in the body that is associated with good mood.

Product Details

  • Has to be taken for a maximum of three months to see optimum results
  • Improvements can be seen within 25 days
  • One bottle of Ring Ease contains 60 capsules
  • Pricing: $69 for one bottle/ $59 for three bottles/ $49 for a package of six bottles
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • It can only be purchased online

Things to take note about Ring Ease

We have found out in this Ring Ease Review that this product is scientifically effective, but the question is will it work for everyone? The answer is no. We must take note that this is not a one-size fits all product, meaning it may work for some and may not for others. Reports showed that 70-80% of people who tried it saw improvements in their condition after taking it, while for the remaining percent, well Ring Ease is just not the answer for them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that supplements such as Ring Ease cannot fully cure Tinnitus, as they are only meant to relieve underlying symptoms and side-effects. This product is not yet even FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved so its efficacy is not yet totally tested and proven.

The manufacturer also advises doctor’s consultation for those dealing with blood thinning prescriptions before taking this product as it has anticoagulants that may mess things up if taken together. It is also recommended to seek doctor’s approval if you have any health or medical condition that may be an issue.

The final decision – Should you buy it?

It’s definitely not just a snake oil product as the scientifically proven ingredients present in this product say so. However, we don’t know for sure if it could be a scam just like other products out there as there is still limited information that can be found in the internet about Ring Ease. Personal testimonials from first-party reviews about the effectiveness of this product would be a convincing factor, however they can be hardly found.

We do not strongly recommend this option as there are still other much more effective and reliable products compared to this one, but it is one worth trying as there is a safe money back guarantee that comes with it which is one of its perks.

Overall this Ring Ease Review hopes to have helped you make your decision upon settling on this product. It may not be the solution for the unlucky 20% out there, but you may be one within that 80% who are lucky to have found this working remedy.

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